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Mechanical Refractory Inspection

Infrared thermography has tremendous capabilities detecting minor problems in mechanical rotating systems before they can become the major problem that could affect your production. Mechanical systems generate heat from friction and misalignment. These are problems easily visible with an infrared camera. Infrared is just a maintenance tool which is available using Thermal Imaging Partners as part of your Predictive Maintenance (PdM) Program.

Infrared thermography is valuable in finding trending problems that can be tracked with regularly-scheduled inspections. Components that trend hotter over a period of time indicate a problem that should be addressed before failure. This is the first step in locating the cause and solution for a mechanical system problem.

Vibrational analysis is a good diagnostic tool that uses contact sensors to measure and analysis vibration in machinery. The accelerometers used can be fixed affixed to the equipment or hand-held. This is a great tool for turbines, pumps, fans, motor and gearboxes.


Lubricant and coolant analysis can test viscosity, acidity, water content, oxidation properties and chemical contamination. Wear particle analysis can help determine problems caused by adhesion, abrasion, corrosion, fatigue and cavitation. Both or of these are lab analysis problems that Thermal Imaging Partners would be happy to set up for your facility.

Motor current signature analysis is used for both A/C and D/C motors as a dynamic test when the motors are in place and under load. It can be used to detect problems with power quality, problems with rotors and stators, bearings and other mechanical imbalances.

Ultrasound uses equipment that detects sounds above the human range of hearing to detect sounds associated with problems in bearings, valves, steam traps, rotating equipment, pressurized systems and electrical systems. Passive ultrasound detects sounds generated by the components. Active ultrasound is used to locate cracks and openings in tanks, silos, sealed containers as well as pressure vessels and piping.